Cindy Will Bring Rain Our Way

Cindy's Impacts

Cindy’s Impacts

Severe Threat Thursday

Severe Threat Thursday


All eyes are now on Tropical Storm Cindy spinning in the Gulf of  Mexico. The center of the circulation is expected to stay to our west and northwest but the heavy rain on the eastern side of the system will pose a concern for northeast Mississippi and west Alabama.  Showers and storms may surge in from the south on Wednesday afternoon and continue into Saturday.  At this point there is the potential for several inches of rainfall between now and the weekend.  The exact amounts are uncertain but there is a concern for some flooding.  We also can’t rule out a brief, spin-up tornado or two Thursday and/or Friday with the remnants of the system spinning through the region.


Warm 80s look to be the general rule for the next week or so but some locations may stay in the upper 70s if heavy rain really sets up Thursday and/or Friday. Overnight lows should generally be in the low to mid 70s through the weekend.

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