Dangerous Heat Today and Tomorrow. Still Watching Tropics.


TODAY/WEDNESDAY: Dangerous heat levels Tuesday and Wednesday. High temperatures in the mid 90s, with a heat index above 105°, with most spots seeing that number hitting 105° to 108°. There will be little to no breeze to bring relief. The only significant breezes and relief from the heat will come in the form of a few isolated to widely scattered storms in the afternoon, but many spots will miss out on that relief. Temperatures only drop into the mid 70s overnight, so we will stay warm and humid overnight.

THURSDAY: Still quite hot and humid, but perhaps not quite as dangerous a heat as Tuesday and Wednesday. Temperatures top out in the low to mid 90s with a heat index around 105° and a few scattered afternoon storms.

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FRIDAY-MONDAY AND TROPICS: Our forecast this weekend and the start of next week is going to be fairly dependent on exactly how things pan out in the gulf for the end of this week. Right now, there’s a fairly strong signal in the models that a tropical low will form sometime late this week in the gulf, bringing heavy rain along with it to parts of the gulf coast. We’re still uncertain regarding intensity and track, and whether or not this will bring us rain and cooler weather, or stay far enough away from us we don’t see any impacts. As of now, it looks possible we could have some additional rain and perhaps a slight cooldown from this system, so we’re keeping a decent rain chance into the end of this week and start of next week and dropping temperatures a bit, but the forecast could change some, particularly from Saturday to Monday depending on how the tropical system develops and tracks.