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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- President Abraham Lincoln graced the halls of the Mitchell Library, enlightening students and faculty during a presidential pres conference about the state of our nation.

Ofcourse the real Lincoln was assassinated in 1865, but his spirit was well represented through George Buss, a Six-foot four, sixth generation Illinois native. He talked to WCBI about politics and the current state of America. So how is it different from Lincoln’s years as commander in chief?

“We’ve become a group of people who want something to be taken care of immediately and we’ve come too far to turn back,” said “Lincoln.”

As far as the constant bickering in today’s house and senate, Lincoln thinks communication over politics should be their first priority.

“I think the term in your day is called “gridlock. ” And I think it’s a symptom of the issue of the unwillingness to compromise. I think of when we lose sight of the work that needs to be done we make a point of being a roadblock and nothing will past that,” said “Lincoln.

Despite the issues we face today, he does believe we’ve come a long way and will continue to move forward.

“Our current political season shows that a president of color does exist and I would say to you little miss, what does it take for a female president to be considered by our country? We are on the cusp of that. We will come further. I’m just unable to give you a time table,” said “Lincoln.”

Whether it’s freedom or our economy, Lincoln believes the only way for our nation to actively improve is to continue having tough conversations,no matter how they make us feel.

“What freedom means to us? What does employment mean to us? What does education mean to us? And are we a free people? Are every one of us truly a free people?” said “Lincoln.”

Lincoln’s appearance was part of a two-day program at Mississippi State, observing the 150th anniversary of the civil war.


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