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NORTHEAST Miss. (WCBI)- From smuggling cell phones to drugs, jail contraband has become an increasing problem across the country. Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott knows the problem firsthand.

” Since January, I had to cut off all the packages coming to the facility for several reasons which was a contraband, but also a second reason was the bomb threats we started having in the golden triangle area,” said Sheriff Scott.

Anything that comes into a jail or prison can be considered contraband. Several facilities across the country now have adopted a postcard only policy. In Gulfport, inmates at the Harrison County Detention Center are not allowed to send or receive letters.

” With mail coming in, there’s still the potential for razor blades, small amounts of dope. Depending on the volume of it, it ties up your staff, you know, when they need to actually be dealing with other problems instead of sitting there opening and checking mail all day long,” said Sheriff Scott.

Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell says they currently do not have any issues with contraband but knows jailers and inmates need to take the situation seriously.

“They’ll try to slip in marijuana, they’ll try to slip in other types of drugs. Jails are a place that people go when they break the law and they have to realize they may be giving up they’re privileges to mail or telephone calls or whatever,” said Sheriff Cantrell.

Smuggling a contraband into a correctional facility is punishable by 3 to 15 years in prison.

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