Video: A Place Like Mississippi: Man Who Saves 2 People Speaks Out

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LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- “Let it shift, Lord God, Let it Shift.”

Those were the words recited by one woman over and over again as Louisville’s EF-4 Tornado swirled less than 100 feet away from her.

Her nephew, Branden Wooten recorded the video as the twister passed over the Center Ridge community.

He not only saw the tornado close by, he also saved two people.

At first, Wooten wanted to remain anonymous, but now, he’s speaking out about his amazing story.

“Got a phone call that my house, my uncle’s house, all that was gone. So we got in the car and ran, flew down to Center Ridge. Got there, we really couldn’t get to Center Ridge so we had to get out of our car, and jump through trees. Finally got there, couldn’t find my cousin. At the same time we ran into other people who needed help,” said Wooten.

Be sure to tune in Friday night at 7 for our special report “A Place Like Mississippi,” on WCBI News.

You will hear more from Branden, his aunt and other stories of survival.


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