Video: GTR LINK joins City Leaders On Brainstorming Columbus’ Island

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Columbus, Miss. (WCBI)- Columbus city planner Christina Berry sees potential in the 6 acres of land on Columbus’s Island.

“With 6 acres, just to put that in scale, a longhorn looks at 1.5 acres and they need that amount of space for parking to build for infrastructure. So if you just put it mathematically, there’s a great deal of things that can actually go out here,” said Berry.

Workers cleared trees near the new river bridge that connects the island to the riverwalk. The Golden Triangle Development LINK also jumped on board. They’ve agreed to be a partner with the city in redeveloping the island.

” We’re going to look at a list of things that are possibilities and then once we get with the committee, we’ll make a determination as to what would be feasible,” said Brenda Lathan, Vice President of Economic Development with LINK.

So far the city has thrown around several ideas on what could be built, but nothing’s set in stone. Lathan says several factors play a role when it comes to development.

“You have to look at the soil, for instance, and how stable is the soil and what can the soil support. We have to look at the electricity, water, sewer, road accessibility, things like that,” said Lathan.

Whatever they decide, Christina feels it’s a positive move for the city.

“With just the sure size of it. That’s a great asset of having so much land to work with. And with the river, hopefully working as a partner and getting someone to help develop it, it’s going to be great for our community,” said Berry.

City leaders and the LINK say they’ll begin brainstorming and moving forward at the beginning of the year.

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