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ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI)- For Robin Bounds, owner of Robin’s Unique Boutique, Old man winter has had quite an impact on her business.

“I think it’s about 15% down for this month in sales,” said Bounds.

Bounds says she depends on her out of town customers. She believes winter’s harsh grasp is keeping customers at home.

” Houston area, Tupelo was bad A lot of people were unsure about traveling far. So they’re not going to take the chance and come travel to a store and they don’t have to,” said Bounds.

It’s also taking a toll on some of her employees, like Chris Lee.

” I have a 9 month old and with it being the 1st winter we had her, you have to take extra precautions. Got to make sure you leave 15 minutes early so you can make it to the baby sitter and then get to work. I guess I have added another 15 mins a day on my 8 hour day I already have,” said Lee.

But it’s not just retail. Pharmacies are also taking a hit.

“We’re noticing a lot of folks seem to have to be choosing between, okay do I stay warm? Or do I take my medicine or do I buy food? And I think that’s sad,” said Bounds.

Pharmacists say their elderly residents are their biggest concern.

” They’re not getting out and it’s a worry because if they’re not getting out due to the inclement weather then they’re not getting their medication.The clinics, many have been closed. If some of the doctors aren’t working and writing prescriptions then we’re not filling prescriptions,” Bounds.

So, for many patients the impact of winter could stick around, long after winter comes to a close.

Robin Bounds says a lot of people order things by the phone and through social media..so thankfully that’s helped keep business afloat.

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