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It’s no secret that Meteorologist Jacob Dickey is a pro in the kitchen.  He’s got some of his favorite recipes from the past year that you can cook over the Christmas Holiday.

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#5 – Salad Dressings: you can’t go wrong with Mama Dickey’s Ranch, and Aunt Bonnie’s Spinach Salad Dressing can be prepared well ahead of time!  Even if it’s from our Summer Special, it’s a family favorite for the holiday season!  In fact, I don’t even need a real reason to make homemade ranch; I make it all the time!

#4 – Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese: you can’t go wrong with having Mac and Cheese for the holidays.  This recipe will be a favorite for the kids and the adults! 


#3 – Mama Dickey’s Marry Me Cheesecake: This recipe is an ultimate dessert for the holiday season.  It’s also got a historic story behind it, and Mama Dickey modified it to cook in the crock-pot.  She even admitted she likes it better that way!

#2 Hawaiian Ham: It’s a common meal at the Christmas table, and this recipe will make you crave a tropical vacation while leave you digging for seconds and thirds!

#1- Mama Dickey’s Italian Beef: This one is a family classic and we always have it for Christmas.  You can’t go wrong with it and it’s about as good as any Italian Beef you’ll ever find!

Mama Dickey’s Italian Beef


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