Video: Student Athlete of the Week: Tyson Carter, Starkville HS, Boys Basketball

 STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI Sports) — Four star basketball recruit Tyson Carter has been dominant on the court and off the court. He is currently sitting on a 3.4 G-P-A and signed with Mississippi State back in November to play basketball next season. Like his father Head Coach Greg Carter, he plans to wear the maroon and white jersey with pride. However he wants to leave his own legacy when it’s all said an done.

It’s not every day that a father gets to coach his son, but for Starkville Head Coach Greg Carter and son Tyson Carter that’s what the past four years have been. Last season Tyson helped his team capture their first state title since 2010. Now the duo are looking to repeat that success.

“I never talk about the state championship, the state tournament with the team. For us it’s one game at a time and try to improve to the point of when we can compete for a state championship,” said Head Coach Greg Carter.

“We just got to keep working hard in practice and just do what we do best like defend and rebound, and when we defend and rebound and play together I don’t think nobody can beat us,” said Student Athlete Tyson Carter.

“Head Basketball Coach Greg Carter played at Mississippi State from the 1987-1991 season. Now his son Tyson Carter is a senior at Starkville High School and he will continue that family tradition to play for the Bulldogs next season, but one thing that they like about each other is that relationship that brings on the court and off the court,” said WCBI Sports Reporter Jonathan Flippo.

“Our relationship is pretty good. He’s a good coach and he helps me out a lot on my game and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be the player I am. He’s a good dad and gives me good life lessons of becoming a man,” Tyson Carter said.

Tyson felt that M-S-U was the best place for him, however his father’s playing style is totally different from back when he played at M-S-U.

“I really didn’t know quiet off as the recruiting process went along. I just figured that was the best place for me and it was good to follow my dad’s footsteps,” Tyson Carter said.

“He’s a totally different player than what I was. He’s more of a shooter ball-handler. I handled the ball, but my game was a lot different than his. I drove to the basket a lot more, posted up, rebounded and things like that,” Greg Carter said.

“One on one; who wins one on one,” Flippo said.

“Me,” Greg Carter says.

“He don’t play me no more. I think he knows that I can beat him now. He’s done got a little bit to old,” Tyson Carter said.

Starkville travels to Madison Central on Friday.