Video: Student Athletes of the Week: Dekaylin Metcalf and Jack Abraham, Oxford HS, Football

OXFORD, MISS. (WCBI) — The oxford chargers have two outstanding athletes that are in their senior year at Oxford High School. Dekaylin Metcalf and Jack Abraham both have an incredible high academic grade point average and both look to finish out their high school football careers strong. Here’s our co student athletes of the week.

Dekaylin Metcalf and jack Abraham have been playing football together since the second grade and now have been teammates ever since at Oxford High School. Both players have also committed to play college football next season. Abraham committed to play quarterback at Tulane University and Metcalf committed to play wide receiver at Ole Miss. These two duo athletes we all know are successful on the field.

“Jack is a really good quarterback and you know he can give me a route and have our own signals and I know what he means. He’s a good leader for the Oxford Chargers and for this team,” said CO-Student Athlete Dekaylin Metcalf.

“He’s just a great guy. He’s a freak of nature and you know whenever I need to throw it up I just hopefully throw it up he’ll make a play. He’s definitely a great player and a great student, a great athlete and he’s definitely one of my good friends too,” said CO-Student Athlete Jack Abraham.

Head Football Coach Johnny Hill is set to retire after football is over with and he has seen Metcalf and Abraham put in the hard work together since he’s been coaching them.

“They have worked real hard together. They’ve come up since the second grade playing football together, so it’s not just Junior High. They’ve been playing before Junior High and they know each other real well and whoever gets those kids they will be very tickled down the road,” said Head Coach Johnny Hill.

“The Oxford Chargers Football Team are looking for their first state title in school history. The last two years they have made it to the state championship game, but have come up short and this football team is two wins away from making their third straight appearance in the title game,” said WCBI’s Sports Reporter Jonathan Flippo.

“We just have to stay focused and you know don’t play down to the level of our competition and you know we just have to play our game and play Oxford Charger football the way we know it’s supposed to be played,” Metcalf said.

“Just focus on the little things. I felt like last year and two years ago we just didn’t focus on the little things and just putting together a complete game. We haven’t executed well in the past two games in state so you know hopefully we’ll put together a complete game and the next couple of games and get there,” Abraham said.

The Oxford Chargers will host Germantown Friday night at 7 pm.