Student Athlete of the Week: Christopher Sandroni, Oxford HS, Boys Basketball

 OXFORD,Miss. (WCBI Sports) —Christopher Sandroni is in senior season being the full-time starter after coming off the bench for the last three seasons. Now the athlete has a nickname from a famous wrestler that he got at birth and that has stuck in his family’s generation.

Christopher Sandroni has been a member of the Oxford Chargers basketball team for the last five seasons. His father Stan Sandroni passed away Sept.10, 2014 and he was the long-time Ole Miss Sideline Reporter for the Rebels football team for twenty-five years. Stan and Christopher’s relationship is a bond like no other family and sports is what they enjoyed talking about all the time being together.

“He’d come home and he wouldn’t say anything to his wife, my mom. He’d say what’s up “Tojo” how you doing. It was just incredible. The amount of sports we talked, watched and played together was impeccable,” said Student Athlete Christopher Sandroni.

Ninetieth year Head Coach Drew Tyler also has seen the relationship that has brought them together.

“They’re inseparable. Christopher was right underneath Stan at an early age going to every sporting event. High school level, College level, NBA or professional level of all sports and because he’s just such a great person and that’s what he’s gotten from his dad. I would say he’s probably the most well liked student athlete at Oxford High School,” said Head Coach Drew Tyler.

Sandroni gets the nickname “Tojo” that comes from his dad’s side of the family and that’s been with him since he was born.

“When I was a kid I think their was a famous wrestler named Tojo Yamamoto or something like that and it was my dad’s nickname. My dad’s dad give my dad that nickname so you know it just stuck around,” Sandroni said.

Sandroni’s teammate Jarkel Joiner sees where he gets the nickname also.

“Tojo loves wrestling. That’s all he talks about. He tries moves on us in the locker room and stuff and he just loves wrestling. He watches every Monday night. He comes back and tells us about and tries new moves he watch,” said Teammate Jarkel Joiner.

Oxford will host West Point Friday night at 7:30.