Video: Tupelo High’s Lydia Smith, Our Student Athlete of the Week

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) — Lydia Smith is a top ten performer in the class and on the court.

Her team is off to a ten and one start and this scholar athlete is in the top ten of her class.

The Volleyball court is a familiar place for Lydia Smith.

This is the only sport the rightside and outside hitter has ever played.

Volleyball is her passion and she plans to take her leadership skills to help others.

“I originally wanted to be a doctor, but i mean nursing was kind of my plan b so I really like nursing and I really want to work with people, but I really want to be a Neo-Natal nurse,” said Student Athlete Lydia Smith.

Smith’s teammates and coach say it’s easy to see the Tupelo senior has been on the court since the eighth grade.

Her hard work and determination could lead the Golden Wave to the playoffs.

“She’s been a really good athlete as far as like communication on the court and also you know just keeping our team lifted in good spirits,” said teammate Mariah O’Neal.

“She’s a really great student and motivated and so I think that calm demeanor would make a great nurse. She’s really friendly to all and I think that really¬†fits her actually,” said Head Volleyball Coach Laurie Bishop.

Smith’s passion reaches beyond the gym and into a subject, many often overlook.

“My main class is AP English because we discuss books and we write essays and things so that’s really my main class,” said Smith.

The star Volleyball player hopes she makes an impression on future players for them to follow.

“I want people to remember me as a good player and a good leader and just like I worked hard and did what I had to do on and off the court,” said Smith.

The Lady Golden Wave will return to action Thursday at Southaven at 6:30.