Video: Columbus Wants Public, Lawmakers to Turn Up Pressure on Railroad

Steve Rogers

Assistant News Director/Assignment Editor; degree in finance and administration from Yale University; 35 years experience in journalism.

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  1. Willie Bankhead says:

    Currently the State of Mississippi have rules and regulations that governs operations of railroad companies equipment and property that operates within boundaries of Mississippi. The Mississippi Transportation Commission, Mississippi Department of Transportation and Department of Public Safety is responsible for enforcing said rules and regulations.

    Title 77 – Public Utilities and Carriers
    Chapter 9 – Railroads and Other Common Carriers

    77-9-257 Inspections of railroads.
    The Mississippi Transporation Commission shall have every inspected whenever it shall deem the same necessary, but at least once in each year. The results must be entered upon the minutes of the commission and embraced in it’s reports, and must embrace information as to the condition of the roadbed, rolling stock and depots, and such other facilities and equipment as the commission may deem proper. Whenever the commission shall find any roadbed, tunnel,switch or any part of a railroad track, or any rolling stock in actual use (by said railroad company), in an unsafe condition, it shall direct the railroad company to make the necessary repairs.

    77-9-237 – Speed limit in cities
    In part states that any railroad company having the right of way may run locomotives and cars through cities and towns, at the rate of THIRTY MILES an hour and no more.

    If Kansas City Southern Railroad can legally run it locomotives and cars through City of Columbus at THIRTY MILES an hour; then why does Kansas City Southern Railroad continually run it’s locomotives and cars at TEN MILES an hour (at an inconvenience to motorist [ 77-9-481 Duties of Railroad inspectors to enforce the rules and regulations of the Transportation Commissions]). Kansas City Southern is well aware that it’s roadbed and tracks lay in a state of disrepair and speeds at or near THIRTY MILES an hour would result in a derailment of it’s locomotive and cars. Drivers (taxpayers) shouldn’t waste their time contacting Kansas City Southern Railroad, taxpayers should contact the Mississippi Transportation Commission.

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