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Tag: Lowndes County

Video: Relatives, Deputies & Dispatchers React To Shooting

Family, friends and those who helped are speaking out about the shooting.

Video: Neighborhood Reacts to Lowndes County Deputy Shooting

Drake Hill residents shaken by shooting.

Video: County Supervisor Urges Residents To Stop Littering

One Monroe County supervisor is worried their litter problem and wants residents to pitch in and clean up.

Video: Victim Advocacy Program Provides Help For Assault Victims

Columbus City leaders begin Victim Advocacy Program.

Video: Innocent Man Set Free After Serving Jail Time

For nearly 4 years, all 27 year old Cedrick Whitley dreamed about was one day returning home.

Video: Heroin Use: A Scary Trend in America

The death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman raises the flag on a scary trend in America: Heroin use. The drug is making a comeback.

Video: Lowndes Co. Nativity Scene this Weekend

East End Baptist Church on Hwy 50/373.

Video: A Spectacle of 15,000 Christmas Lights

If you enjoy a great Christmas light show, wait to you see one Lowndes County couples' home.

Video: Lowndes Co Residents Get Running Water

Residents didn't have running water for 18 months.

Video: Halloween Party Held at Leigh Mall

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) - Dozens turned out in costume to kick off the week of Halloween today at Leigh Mall in Columbus.

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